Photo from left to right:  Jessie J., Jay Doucette, Luke James


M​eals From The Heart Cafe . . . is a Life style

Signature Dish, Crab cake Passion (Louisiana Blue Crabs)

Meals From The Heart Cafe was founded in 2006, in Chef Doucette's kitchen.  This little "gem," is a major tourist destination; as we are located at the Historic French Quarter's Farmers Market. Our signature is on the entire menu, but our crab cakes and gumbo are renown.  We introduced the city to gluten-free and vegan options.  Yes, traditional gumbo, vegan gumbo (yes), crab cakes (vegan too); and pancakes can be gluten-free and taste (if I can use the term) like "Nirvana!"

Our entire menu is low in sodium and sugars and contains no trans-fats.  We do not serve pork products, nor red meat.  (Red meats are defined as lamb, beef and pork.)  

This is "clean" food -- like farm-to-table food.  When you visit Meals From The Heart Cafe, you may wait a bit longer for your food to arrive.  Oh, but when it does . . . Omg!   

With Love, 

Chef Marilyn Doucette